Refined Hemp Extract Oil 500mg – 10ml

£24.95 £22.50

CBD Quantity  – 500mg
Volume  – 10ml
CBD Concentration  – 5%
CBD Per Drop  – 2.5mg CBD
£ Per CBD mg  – £0.05
Extract Type  – Broad Spectrum
Appearance  – Light Golden



Refined Hemp Extract Oil 500mg

Our refined hemp extract oil is the perfect all rounder for new and experienced users alike. Supplied with a pippette applicator with an optional spray top, to allow our customers to choose their preffered method of consumption.

We infuse our refined, broad spectrum hemp extract,  into quick absorbing coconut derived MCT oil to create what we believe to be the best combination possible. The refined extract contains a broad spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes which takes advantage of what is known as  ‘the entourage effect’ without the presence of THC.

Our refined oil has a light golden colour and a mild taste, making this perfect for users who dont like the strong hemp taste associated with darker raw oils.

Ingredients:  MCT Oil, Hemp Extract

Suggested Serving: 1/4 pipette (5 drops)- 12.5mg

Servings: 40

How To Use:


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